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  • Astrology

    Astrology is the study of planetary vibrations and how they affect human life. It is up to each one of us.

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  • Numerology

    Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. It is used to determine a person's personality..

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  • Palmistry

    Palmistry or chiromancy is the shaastra of characterization and foretelling the future through the...

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  • Vastu Shastra

    Vastu is an ancient Indian shaastra of architecture and buildings which helps in making a congenial setting...

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  • Tarot Card

    Tarot is called The Mirror of the Soul. It is an ancient divinatory art which uses 78 archetypal cards to represent...

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  • Face Reading

    Face reading gives you insights into your own and others' character through an understanding of what their...

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Welcome to Global School of Scientific Astrology

Global School of Scientific Astrology imparts knowledge in Astrology through Regular and Correspondence courses. We have an experience of around 20 years with the best infrastructure in the Industry and well equipped classrooms. Our courses are designed with a practical approach to the subject which helps the students practice professionally soon after they complete the course.

— Classroom Coaching —

Classroom coaching is a golden opportunity to directly learn from our expert faculties face to face. Learning is very easy when you have a trainer in front of you. The eye contact and the opportunity of doubt clarification as and when u need it enables....

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— Correspondence Courses —

Correspondence courses break the limitation of physical barrier. Due to its wide reach it allows student from any part of the world to access our courses and gain this divine knowledge. It gives you the comfort of learning anytime anywhere...

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— Workshops —

Global School of Scientific Astrology organizes workshops on many subjects time to time so that even the students who cannot attend classroom coaching may benefit and have the privilege to learn these subjects. We make sure that the quality given in the....

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Get best online consultation on family, finance, marriage, money, health, children from Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry and Tarot experts.

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