Arvindo Law Academy

The establishment of this institute is a tribute to one of the best legal brains in North India, Mr. R.R Singh. We have been blessed over the years with many wonderful people in our life, but none of them had such a positive and beautiful impact on our life as he had. Death comes up on us when our work on earth is complete, But Death cannot separate us, He used to say “Do not give bread to a hungry man it will feed him for a day only, Give him education to feed for the whole life”.

Our History

ARVINDO LAW ACADEMY was started in 2005 by a team of Legal Professionals from different works of life. The objective was to provide systematic classroom training for law aspirants who were preparing for various Law universities, Like Delhi University, I.P. University Delhi, Aligarh Muslim University, Banaras Hindu University, National Law Schools. And other leading Law colleges in India..

Our humble beginning and sustained efforts saw us through the initial hitch. By GOD’s grace today we stand at the pinnacle of the success with our genuine efforts and enthusiastic support of the students and have become the No.-1 Law Entrance Training Institute in country.

Founder members

ALA was started by a team of Educationist & Law Graduates from Delhi University. The vision of the founders was to promote Legal Education in India and make the people aware about their rights. They wanted people to contribute to the society through their legal knowledge, skills and sense of purpose. At ARVINDO LAW ACADEMY you will gain the foundation of law that will help you to clear entrance exams of all reputed Law colleges or Universities in India.


We have a very simple philosophy 100% selection with 100% satisfaction. We believe all students have the capacity to do wonders, if given the right kind of exposure and platform. Our purpose is not only to teach you for a competitive entrance exam. Our real motto is to make you a man of values. Legal profession is a very powerful profession and this power should go in right hands. We teach how you can serve your country in the best possible manner by adopting this profession.

The strategy of success of ARVINDO LAW ACADEMY

  • Personal involvement of founder directors in teaching.
  • Teaching is a lot of hard work…and we firmly believe on the fact that 'An average teacher tells, A good teacher explains & A great teacher Inspires'.
  • An optimum batch size of 30 to provide personal development of every single student.
  • Test analyses and discussion sessions every week senior professors.
  • Personal attention and individual care of every student.
  • A well researched and focused study material.
  • Guest lectures by senior lawyers of high court and Supreme Court.
  • Compulsory parent- teacher meeting for 5 years law aspirants.
  • Personal performance discussion every week.